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At GDT-MFG we take pride in the quality of our products. In order to ensure our customers get the best equipment, we develop and research what the market has to offer. On the left you will see the Flex-angle boot design for all of our connectors. Flex-Angle boot allows bending in any direction and freedom of movement around other connectors. Please read below about advances in our new products. To Order from GDT Manufacturing, LLC. please call us at 214-857-6262

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To order from GDT Manufacturing, LLC. please call us at (214) 857 6262. You may also fill out the contact form located below, and a sales representative will be with you as soon as possible.

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Mode Conditioning Patch cord

Mode Conditioning Cables

GDT-MFG mode conditioning patch cord are used with SC equipment, LC equipment and MTRJ equipments. It is customized with different connectors like SC, LC, FC, ST, MTRJ connectors.

  1. Features for Mode conditioning patch cord
  2. Eliminates issues related to Differential Mode Delay (DMD)
  3. Compliant with IEEE 802.3z
  4. Low Insertion Loss (<0.4dB)
  5. Available with 50um and 62.5um multimode cable
  6. Rugged Offset Closure with Consistent Offset
  7. Available with 50um and 62.5um multiple mode cable
  8. Applications for Mode conditioning patch cable:

    - Multiple mode cable runs greater than 50 feet
    - Gigabit Ethernet 1000 base-LX (1,300nm long wavelength)
    - Long haul to short haul LX Gigabit system

Flexboot DesignFlex-Angle Boot Design

GDT-MFG is now using SENKO’s Flex-Angle boot which allows bending in any direction and freedom of movement around other connectors. Also, removing a jumper is made easy; simply straighten out the boot and remove it without worrying about it affecting other connectors in the panel. The Flex-Angle boot is designed so that installers and technicians can pre-bend the boot into any desirable angle needed to perfectly dress the fibers, even in high density environments.

LC switchable Uniboot design

Flexboot DesignSENKO Introduces a new duplex LC with single boot - the LC Uniboot. The SENKO LC Uniboot is a unique design that allows a single round duplex 3mm cable to be used for a duplex connector. This compact, easy to terminate connector kit has a simple round crimp design and incorporates standard SENKO 900μm LC connectors, so you will experience the normal optical performance of our proven LC design. The single piece design fits all duplex and simplex adapters.

By using a single cable with two fibers, installers are able to cut their cable count and weight in half. This design is commonly used in data centers where cable counts are high and space limited. Available in 6.25mm or 5.25mm pitches, the LC Switchable Uniboot is the only duplex LC that allows you to easily take apart the housing to switch the fibers and connectors. By being able to reuse the housing, you can efficiently maintain that same remarkable amount of optical performance in any space.

LC Keyed Connector

The solution to managing multiple networks with reduced risks.

Insertion Loss
0.08dB typical UPC
0.10dB typical APC
0.04dB typical Super Low Loss
0.15dB typical
Return Loss ≥55dB typical UPC
≥65dB typical APC
Durability < 0.2dB typical change,500 matings  
Operating Temperature -40 to +75ºC  

Senko Keyed LC connector solution offers mechanical network security for organizations desiring to segregate networks due to privacy or security concerns.

LC Keyed Connector

FTTX FIBERVIEW Inspection Probe


LC Keyed ConnectorThe monitor provides a side mounted clip which permits a analogue probe to be attached. The battery pack and monitor, via the menu driven user interface software, provides the user with full access to either the user installed SD memory card, internal NandFlash memory or externally connected hard drive, to facilitate an efficient and innovative approach to capturing MPEG video files, with voice.

All files can be transferred to a PC or Laptop and single images can be extracted for reports as required. The kit also includes a comprehensive range of ferrule and in adapter cleaning solutions. For more information about this product use the contact form to the left.

MTP24F Design

GDT-MFG has developed a module approach for the data center space savings issue.

GDT-MFG MTP 24 design is captured in a 24F SM and or 50M 10GIG AQUA fiber cable that consist of 24 fiber in a overall jacket of 3.8MM OD. The jacket material is also Plenum rated. 24 fibers equals 12 channels of SPACE savings. GDT-MFG trunk assembly can be built to the customers lengths with no extra slack being exposed. The trunk is now plugged into GDT-MFG 1RU cassette which is equipped with either LC duplex adaptors or SC adaptors. Other connector adaptors upon request. The cassette now fits into GDT-MFG 1RU bracket holder either above the cabinets or within the cabinets. This design allows the flexible of add/moves and expansion within the require space. Black cover plates are available for the area of the cassette not being populated. This will be covered up and can be used when the demand is needed. All assemblies are 100% fully tested and packaged to the customer specifications.

Please give us a call if you require samples to touch and feel this product to make sure you are completely satisfied with the GDT-MFG design.

Thanks for looking and sharing your thoughts. GDT-MFG is a custom manufacturing shop and we are here to cater to your demands/needs.

GDT Mfg. Careers

Career section, GDT MFG is looking for sales professional in all territories. Please submit your resume online or to attention HR department via email at mfgsales@gdt.comThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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